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My life in concerts, by Mike Sauter.


My Life in Concerts: The Blog (explanation)

Here's the brief how-to. Click on the post header (where it says "My Life in Concerts: The Blog (explanation)" above) or the date link at the bottom of this entry to read background and more detailed info.

There are 3 main ways to use this blog. (1) Browse. The archives, the monthly list at left, are months in which I attended a concert. You can click on these links to browse around and read about shows I've attended.

(2) Search. Type in an artist or venue name in the search box (in the upper left) and click the "search blog" button next to it to see a list of shows or entries which mention that name.

(3) Labels. Each entry is tagged with artist name, venue name, city of show, and two-letter state code (NY, PA, etc.). You can type in the URL[label name] to see a list of entries tagged with that label. Replace [label name] with whatever you want to check out (minus the []). For example, if you want to see all the Red Hot Chili Peppers shows I've seen, use as the URL: Hot Chili Peppers
Spaces are acceptable and proper capitalization is required (e.g., you must use "Red Hot Chili Peppers" and not "red hot chili peppers" or "NY" and not "ny").

And be sure to post comments/memories if you attended any of the same shows as me!

Questions? See email address at left.

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A few years ago, I started working on a list of all the concerts I've ever attended. Then I started adding setlists or other info where available. And then it occurred to me to put it all in blog form, backdating the entries to the actual performance date. For a long time, Blogger only let one backdate to 1990, but now any date is fair game so I can go all the way back to my first concert experiences in 1985.

I began the project by getting out all of my ticket stubs, but I've also gone to huge number of shows where I've been on the guest list and never had a hard ticket. A number of these took place before the rise of the Web, so I'm having a devil of a time tracking down specific date info for them. In the early stages of this blog, I simply left these shows out but that doesn't provide a full picture of some of the artists I've seen. Plus there are some undated shows I really want to write about. Therefore, I finally decided to give rough approximate dates for a number of shows and try to correct them later (all inexact dates will be noted as such in the show's full entry.