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Jane Siberry

Hangar Theater, Ithaca, NY

Siberry's second album No Borders Here was causing some kind of a sensation at WICB. We started off playing "I Muse Aloud," and then moved to the album's epic "Mimi on the Beach." Eventually, we would also play "The Waitress" and "Extra Executives" a bit as well.

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So it was cool that she was playing live in Ithaca. I don't remember how this came up but the concert promoter was looking for people to work security for the concert, and the word went out to us at the college radio station. I agreed to do it, thinking I could see the show for free. Of course, I got posted at the back door/artist's entrance at the end of long corridor from the actual stage, so I wasn't able to see any of the opener. (For years, BTW, I thought it was Peter Case who opened the show, but I asked him once about it and he couldn't recollect ever opening for Siberry; turned out the performer's name was Peter Dodge.) I did get a chance to chat a little bit with Siberry and her bass player/producer John Switzer.

After Siberry's set began I was told I could leave door-guarding duty or I simply walked away from my post. Either way, I ended up seeing nearly all of her set standing in an aisle.

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