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Monster Magnet

Stone Pony, Asbury Park, NJ

Here's an external review from the web:
New Jersey's resident retro-psychedelic-metal-troglodyte-hot-rodding
space-cadets Monster Magnet put in an impressive live set last weekend at
this "home town" show. Visuals included rising sun back-drop projections,
rapid-fire stills of newsreel war footage, strobe lights, and clouds of dry
ice. The boys came out in fine, de-tuned, sludgy form, with frontman Dave
Wyndorf repeatedly leaning into the wall of moshers in front of the stage. Ed
Mundell put in some fantastic lead-work all night long, with his usual
wah-wah drenched sound coming thru 2 full Marshall stacks. (He used a lovely
black Les Paul in addition to his usual Strat... Dave also used an SG in
addition to his usual battered old Strats.) Joe Calandra's bass-work was
great, and was FELT as much as heard. Jon Kleiman drummed brilliantly, &
managed to smoke entire cigarettes while drumming, a la Cheap Trick's Ben E.

At one point we thought we'd get no new stuff from the pending album, which
Dave said will now be out in JUNE, not Feb (!@$!$)^!#$!^$!!!) But we got 2 of
the new tunes later in the set, both of which were great. Mix was a bit TOO
muddy for the first 2-3 songs but cleared up eventually. VERY surprising
opener, never thought we'd get this one.... naturally it was severely
shortened, not the 33:00 version on the album(!)

11:05p - 12:25am

* Intro, about 3:00 of delay/flange/feedback noises, into...
* TAB (!!!!!!!!) About a 6:00 version. Barb & I were wondering how long it'd
go on for. Soon as I recognized it from the vamping bass-line I freaked
* Dopes To Infinity
* Snake Dance
* Medicine
* Nod Scene
* Power Trip (finally a new one, title track of the new album. Way cool...
"I'm out of control, a million miles away!!"
* Space Lord Motherfucker (another new one, also a great song.... "so polish
that rocket, boy, & swallow your pills..."
* Zodiac Lung (cool little re-arrangment... started out as a creepy "ballad"
as usual, but got LOUD at the end and ROCKED heavily! Another killer
post-Hendrix solo from Ed.....)
* Negasonic Teenage Warhead
* Spine of God (a 15:00 version. Dave did not play guitar on this, some guy
named "Phil" joined them as 2nd guitarist for this one. During one of the
spacey jam segments Dave set a black Strat on fire; he whirled it around
while it was engulfed in flames & bashed it to pieces on the stage. I can
still smell the lighter fluid. Then later on he was twirling one of the
bright white stage floor-lights around, sticking it into the faces of the


* Tractor (dedicated to the methamphetamine users in the audience...great
back-up vox by Joe..)
* Kick Out the Jams (the MC5 classic, with the Phil guy on guitar again).

It was yet another "Spine of God"-heavy set.... seems to be the norm for this
venue, or the non-tour one-off shows. No tunes from Superjudge, sadly, but
all in all a great show.

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