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Tori Amos

State Theater, New Brunswick, NJ

Before Tori's show (the second time I was seeing her live), my then-wife Christine and I were meeting my WHTG colleague Matt Pinfield, Atlantic Records' Tod Elmore, and a few others for dinner at a restaurant next to the State Theater. The hot topic at dinner was discussion about whether O.J. Simpson might be guilty of murdering Nicole Brown Simpson, which had taken place the previous Sunday. Someone at the dinner table mentioned they had heard on the radio earlier that O.J. was missing. Speculation was interrupted when Matt realized he had to head over to the theater to introduce Tori on stage.

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Christine and I strolled over to the theater and saw the show, with Tori performing alone with her Bosendorfer on one side of the stage and a harpsichord facing the other direction. It was perhaps the best Tori show I've seen.

After the show, we went and spoke with Tori's tour manager and went backstage to meet Tori (an effort that was foiled at her 1992 Count Basie show). Tori was about to head to Washington, DC, for a concert on Monday, and Elmore and she were discussing what they could do to make special a meet & greet event for WHFS in DC. They decided that a piano lesson for a handful of contest winners would do the job; meanwhile, Tori went starry-eyed at the mention of 'HFS DJ Johnny Riggs.

Unbeknownst to us enjoying Tori's concert, however, much of the country was enthralled by O.J. Simpson's soon-to-be-infmaous low-speed chase in A.C. Cowlings' Ford Bronco. We had no idea until Tori's tour manager began repeatedly popping in with updates on the chase from a TV in her tour bus. It was a remarkably surreal vignette on multiple levels.

above photo: me in my Spock shirt with Tori in her Junior Samples overalls.

Setlist: "Silent All These Years," "Precious," "Things," "Sugar," "Crucify," "Leather," "God," "Icicle," "The Waitress," "Bells for Her," "Me and a Gun," "Baker, Baker," "Cornflake Girl," "China," "Landslide" (Fleetwood Mac cover), "Winter" (source)

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