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Fountains of Wayne/Evelyn Forever/The Selzers

Brighton Bar, Long Branch, NJ

Fountains of Wayne were scheduled to drop by WHTG for an interview and a live performance, but when they showed up, they had to beg off playing live. Lead singer Chris Collingwood was miserable with a cold, and had to preserve his voice for both the show the Brighton Bar show as well as the European tour they were just about to embark upon.

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After the interview, in the WHTG front office, it was increasingly clear that Chris was not going to be magically better for that evening's gig. No amount of soup or theraflu would change the fact that Chris wasn't going to be singing that night. So the band was discussing how they were going to approach the vocals and harmonies. After giving them directions to a drug store on the way to the venue, we bid them adieu.

The show was, um, different. Adam Schlesigner was clearly not used to singing the parts he was doing. Mistakes were made. Apologies were offered. I found it a very interesting show, but I can imagine that those seeing the band for the first time might have left with a less than favorable impression.

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