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Maktub/Robbers On High Street/The Sights

World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, PA

A showcase-style show for a radio convention, the Seattle R&B band Maktub was scheduled to go on around midnight. They were pretty good--I was glad, since I had met frontman Reggie Watts earlier that day and it always sucks when a nice guy is in a sucky band. Robbers on High Street are a perfectly serviceable stripped-down punky rock band from New York. They rock out in a gaunt, London-laddish sort of way with a troubling style-over-substance subtext.

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Detroit group The Sights performed as a trio, with keyboardist Bobby Emmett pummelling their Hammond organ into brutal submission and nearly shoving it halfway across the stage by the end of the show. Emmett also played Ray Mazarek-style keyboard bass, which, frankly, you just don't see much anymore. Actually, you never really saw it, so it stands this band apart. I'd be interested in catching them again sometimes.

On top of the music, there was a lot of personal shit going down at this show. Old friends, business acquaintances, intimate relationships--a lot was swirling around the music like notes from a Hammond B-3.

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Son Volt/Bob Mould/West Indian Girl

Tower Theatre, Philadelphia, PA

sorry, Mike has not yet written about this show... add your own comments if you were also there!

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Kathleen Edwards/Rodney Crowell/Aimee Mann/Raul Mídon

World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, PA

sorry, I haven't yet written about this show... add your own comments if you were also there!

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Kathleen Edwards/Mary Gauthier

Dowe's on 9th, Pittsburgh, PA

Also attended an afternoon house concert with Mary Gauthier.

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