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My life in concerts, by Mike Sauter.


Raging Slab

The Cat Club, New York, NY

My college radio crony Brother Mike moved to New York City around the same time that I returned from college to my parents' New Jersey house. I would sometimes hang out with Brother Mike, then as well as later after I moved into Manhattan, and it was never a dull moment.

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Like the time we were bar-hopping in Alphabet City and he decided to conduct an ad hoc interview with a crackhead in Tompkins Square Park, or when a homeless lady with mental problems started chasing him on the sidewalk outside of the Limelight. We went to see this massively crunchy southern-rock band after having a few drinks and, uh, whatnot. I barely remember the show, except that it was big and loud. And the the guitarists and the bass player started doing the classic southern rock move of bouncing their guitar necks in unison, I nearly choked I started laughing so hard. Later, when I heard some of their recorded music, I shrugged and thought, "Eh--it's not the same."

Note: This is not the exact date.

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