Cloaca Melodia

My life in concerts, by Mike Sauter.


School of Fish/Uncle Green

The Fastlane, Asbury Park, NJ

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My WHTG colleague John Yarusi was DJing between band sets. When School of Fish was ready to go, he introduced them from the DJ booth as "Columbia recording artists, School of Fish." The band, signed to Capitol Records, was either amused or annoyed at this and the made a bunch of comments about how they must have been signed to a new label without them knowing. The incident made me terrified for years about introducing a band incorrectly when I would make stage announcements for concerts.

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John Wesley Harding/The Judybats/Mr. Reality

Fastlane, Asbury Park, NJ

This is the show that I discussed in Gary Wein's book Beyond the Palace. Harding was late for his own gig as he had reportedly skipped over the Stone Pony to catch part of a Little Steven show and hopefully catch a rumored "surprise" Springsteen appearance. At least, that was the word from the promoter's people.

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