Cloaca Melodia

My life in concerts, by Mike Sauter.


The Wonderstuff

Melody Bar, New Brunswick, NJ

Actually, this was a Miles Hunt solo performance not the whole band. A noteworthy one though, since it was filmed for inclusion in the group's documentary Welcome to the Cheap Seats.

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King Missile

unknown venue, New York, NY

I don't recall the exact date nor the venue, but it was a late show with King Missile as part of the New Music Seminar. My friend Kathy and I drove into the city and, naturally, there was a guest list problem. The bouncer at the door said I wasn't on the list, but fortunately, a guy I know from a record label that had a band playing that night was entering right then so he told the bouncer that I was Malibu Sue from Long Island's WLIR (since he knew that she wasn't going to be attending the show although her name was on the list). So in we went.

The show was running late when we got there, and it seemed like it took forever before the band actually took the stage. Shortly before they came out, the stage was enveloped in theatrical fog. After King Missile began performing, the club staff kept pumping the fog onto the stage until guitarist Dave Rick stepped up to the mic and said what is perhaps the most hilariously un-rock 'n' roll thing I've ever heard sarcastically uttered from a rock stage: "Hey, this smoke is real good for a guy with asthma!"

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Gang of Four/Horseflies/I Kill Me

Fastlane, Asbury Park, NJ

The date is confirmed.... add your own comments if you were also there!

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